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Diverse Solutions for Complex Challenges 

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At NET New Era Times, we take an innovative approach to integrated property and people management solutions. Our diverse team brings decades of experience serving clients across industries. But we know that cookie-cutter solutions rarely solve real-world challenges.

Instead, we collaborate directly with each client to deeply understand their organization, goals and pain points. Then we design customized strategies that are tailored to their unique needs. Our network of trusted service partners allows us to assemble the ideal team to execute our client-centric plans. By bringing the right people to the table, we create value for clients, partners and communities.

We simplify complex issues, provide cost-optimized and compliant solutions, and drive sustainable results. But above all, we listen first and approach each client relationship as a true partnership.

Our tailored solutions merge the best of human insight and expertise. At NET New Era Times, we fulfill promises through experience, creativity and a dedication to service. We support clients not just as providers, but as invested partners in realizing their organization’s full potential.

Integrated facility management

Comprehensive facility services including cleaning, maintenance, pest control and more for expert maintenance.
End-to-end security solutions protect assets and people through risk assessments, emergency response and training.
Fire safety systems installation, maintenance, audits and training safeguard occupants through multilayered measures.
A collaborative approach identifies pain points to develop customized strategies addressing multifaceted property needs.

Security Management

Security consultancy through risk assessments, vulnerability analysis, and policy development to identify and prevent threats.
Access control, surveillance systems, and monitoring for multilayered facility and asset protection.
Trained security personnel and emergency response teams for expert incident response.
Compliance services including audits, training, and drills to ensure operational readiness and adherence to regulations.

Fire Safety

Fire protection systems installation including alarms, extinguishing systems, and emergency lighting for 24/7 automated safety.
Maintenance services like testing, inspections, and preventive maintenance to keep systems optimized.
Compliance auditing, permitting, and code consultation to meet safety regulations.
Training programs, drills, and emergency planning to ensure operational readiness and effective incident response.

HR Solutions

Recruitment services including sourcing, screening, selection, and onboarding to enhance hiring quality and efficiency.
Payroll, tax, and compliance services to accurately and securely process compensation.
Employee services like benefits administration, records management, and engagement programs.
Compliance solutions for background checks, policy development, and mandatory training.

Training Interventions

Management training in leadership, performance management, and change management to build leadership capabilities.
Sales training in consultative selling, negotiation, and account management to drive business results.
Professional development in communication, problem-solving, and time management to enhance employee skills.
Functional training with industry-specific content, technology enablement, and compliance to close skills gaps.

Mindfulness Training

Master the basics with mindfulness fundamentals, meditation techniques, and mindful movement.
Develop resilience, combat burnout, and build emotional intelligence to manage stress effectively.
Enhance focus, decision-making, and mindful leadership skills for high-performing teams.
Implement email mindfulness, mindful tech breaks, and policies for balanced technology use.

Seamless integration

Veniteck chooses different approaches to software development, with structured engineering based approach to developing business solutions and/or a more incremental approach where software evolves as it is developed piece by piece.