Presenting India's digital
identification system

Seamless, Hassle-Free &
Health-Risk-Free Air Travel for you.

Automate Airport Operations &
Enhance Passenger Journey.

Digital identification is currently available for:

Offering Health-Risk-Free air travel processes at Delhi, Bengaluru, Varanasi, Hyderabad, Pune and Vijayawada Airports.

To get started:

Offering Health-Risk-Free air travel processes at Delhi, Bengaluru, Varanasi, Hyderabad, Pune and Vijayawada Airports.

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How to create your digital profile:

After you have downloaded the Air Canada mobile app, follow these three steps :

Step 1

Open the Digiyatra mobile app, tap "Boarding Pass"

Step 2

Tap 'Scan Boarding Pass' or ' Upload Boarding Pass'

Step 3

From there, follow the prompts to complete your digital profile.

What are the benefits of using digital identification?


  • Your digital profile and credentials are encrypted and stored only on your device for up to 36 hours on the day of travel.
  • Only you can share them with your consent, and they are immediately destroyed after use.

  • Seamless

    • Enroll, create, authenticate, and control the use of your digital profile from the comfort of your home.
    • Say goodbye to hands full of passports and boarding passes at the airport.


    • Reduce touchpoints and physical contact by using your digital identification instead of exchanging documents and devices between yourself and airport agents.

    How digital identification works:

    When creating your digital profile for digital identification on the mobile app:

    1. The app will guide you to capture an image of your passport or driver’s license, along with a selfie. Facial recognition technology will compare the two photos to verify your identity.
    2. Upon successful verification, a digital profile will be created on your device. This profile will include your selfie, a unique identifier, and relevant information from your passport
    3. Your facial biometrics are immediately deleted and will not remain part of your digital profile.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Digi Yatra is a Ministry of Civil Aviation, Govt. of India led initiative to make air traveller’s/ passenger’s journey seamless, hassle-free and Health-Risk-Free.
    The Digi Yatra process uses the single token of face biometrics to digitally validate the Identity, Travel, Health or any other data that is needed for the purpose of enabling air travel.

    The Solution is built on W3C standards using Self Sovereign Identity (SSI), Verifiable Credentials (VC), Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs) and uses a Distributed Ledger for decentralised layer of trust between the various participants of the ecosystem.

    Once you download and install the DigiYatra App from Google Play Store/ iOS App Store, you get a secure wallet inside the App. All your credentials- (Identity, Travel, Health etc.) will be stored locally in this wallet.

    No, your face biometric data or any other Personally Identifiable Information (PII) is not stored in any central repository or database.